Rules and Regulations

Objective and Mission

  • The objective of CNG is for all members to help grow the business of their fellow members while simultaneously growing their own. Referring your own business and those of the people you know and work with will help other members grow theirs. By helping each other, all members will see a direct and indirect increase in their own business.
  • Each member agrees to provide referrals to other group members as opportunities exist in your daily work or home life. There is no maximum or minimum level of referrals required for membership. However, it is strongly recommended that each member be diligent in their efforts to provide referrals as the occasion presents itself to other members.

What is a Referral?

The success of the group and the individual members will be based on the overall number of the referrals given and received.

  • A referral is defined as providing another member with the contact info of a person or business interested in the receiving members’ product or service. Simply providing a member with a name and phone number is not considered a referral. A true connection effort must be made between the referring member, the referred party, and the person getting the referral. The referring member should provide a “warm call” opportunity for their referral partner.
  • Each referral which turns into a “sale” for a member will be called “closed business.” Each member who has received a referral that does become “closed business” will provide $value of the closed business from these referrals.
  • Each member is expected at every meeting to provide a 20 second “I have” moment.  Whether that be a referral OR a testimonial for another member in the group. This will keep the positive energy going in the group as opposed to, “I have nothing this week.”
  • Each member is strongly encouraged to have 1 on 1’s with each member of the group. 1on 1’s are a hugely successful way to learn more about other member’s businesses, which in turn will make it easier to get referrals for each other. The ideal meeting should be around an hour with 50/50 time split for each person to talk about their own business.

Group Operation

To learn more about Covington Networking Group (CNG) please visit us Thursday Mornings.  Click Here for Directions